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You are also welcome to be part of our community and help the children whenever you can. There is a house in the Ssubi Village where you can stay and be taken care of, so you can share your life with the community!


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You can help!

Simply share this with your networks. 


One of the biggest challenges of non-profits is to get the word out. By spreading the word you are acting as our advocate, informing and allowing more people to help. You can save lives and make families happier simply by sharing on your social media accounts.

The women from Uganda learned to sew and create handmade crafts such as bags, wallets, earrings, and beads.

See their products at the store.

 Fund the projects you most believe in!


You can choose to donate to any of our projects which you believe will help them the most, such as our Hospital or Agriculture Project


You can also simply donate to our organization and the donation will go directly to where it is most needed.


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