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The beginning

Laura Luxemburg traveled to a small clinic in Uganda with no thought of ever founding a non-profit. She wanted to show her children you didn't have to be a rock star or a movie star to make a difference in lives of others.  So on that first trip after witnessing a child die of asthma from the lack of proper medical equipment.  She took action and purchased the clinics first supplies and equipment. From there she would start a sewing school and beading program for HIV patients and establish the Holy Hams Piggery.  Ssubi became a Reg. 501(c)(3) charitable organization only out of the desire to sell the HIV patients bags and beads in local San Diego surf shops.  Much has improved at the small Health Center from that first visit. Today, that childs death is bringing Hope not only globally but also locally with our "Greening for Good" project.  

What makes us different?

  • We recognize that sustainabilty is key.  

  • We are organic in development and have a grass roots philosophy when it comes to choosing programs.  Our success comes from partnering with communities and working together to bring about real change. 

  • All projects look at the final impact on the people and must support improving life.

  • We believe in more than "populations or statistics". Many people are left behind beacuse large organizations forget about the human spirit.  Ssubi believes that as long as you have a breath left in you and a desire to improve your situation you are not alone. Ssubi will believe in you too. 

Projects black ssubi

See how we help them to become self-sufficient.

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